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Misericordia Onoranze Funebri

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Address: Viale Giovanni
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Yesterday, today and forever, we will accompany you on your last trip

Onoranze Funebri Misericordia

Our company is made up of four partners: Ecclesiastical Diocese of Livorno, Ven. Arch. Misericordia of Livorno, Ven. Arch. Of Purification and Ven. Confr. Della Misericordia of Gabbro. The Misericordia

Company has been operating for several years, with attentive and discreet staff, in the

funeral services sector Since 2007, many Leghorn families belonging to all social classes, different cultures and religious beliefs have given their last farewell to their loved ones using the various services offered.Today the

Misericordia Onoranze Funebri, in Livorno, strong an extraordinary experience and a capillary organization which for over ten years has represented a model for the sector, has always responded to the evolution of culture and society with the strength of an innovative and diversified proposal, which due to its modularity and breadth dell u 2019offer has always guaranteed and protected freedom of choice


Follow our advice on the procedures to be followed in the event of death of all kinds

Follow our advice on the procedures to be followed in the event of death of all genres


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Find out more ù >

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Onoranze Funebri Misericordia organizes funerals in Livorno, throughout Italy and abroad, with complete services of the funeral rite: dressing of the body, setting up mortuary rooms, handling of funeral procedures, funeral transport, creation of compositions and floral decorations, necrology, burial, burial and cremation.

The staff made up of personnel with a long experience is able to provide for every detail with punctuality and discretion, managing to guarantee an excellent funeral service. The service is highly personalized, according to every type of need and is available at any time of the day, 24 hours a day, every day even on holidays.

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