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Misericordia Onoranze Funebri

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Address: Viale Giovanni
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Misericordia Funeral Directors



Codes of professional conduct

Misericordia Onoranze Funebri adheres to an ethical code relating to professional conduct which must leave the customer free to decide who to entrust the funeral service and the other relating to the management of the service itself in the matter of free competition.

Compliance with these codes is important to make sure you have a good response in public opinion.

Our staff is guided by professionalism, but also by immense humanity towards people affected by bereavement and made vulnerable by pain. Core values are ethical behavior and respect for grieving family members.

Maximum quality and transparency in services


Our actions are linked to the fulfillment of the wishes of the relatives and the last wishes of the deceased, which we can with grace and discretion direct towards more adequate and economically convenient solutions, giving a solution to any doubt.

When the funeral service is defined in every detail, it is up to us to offer the highest quality, punctuality and transparency in accordance with the agreements made.

Our staff protects the pain of family members and the ethical, religious, cultural and ethnic identity of the deceased, and is required to respect privacy and impeccable service using language and attitudes appropriate to the situation.

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